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2002 April 13th

Q:    I hope u could give me some advice on investing in an underwater camera as I am still a new diver, I'm not sure whether it is advisable to get a camera yet since I'm not such an experienced diver and I have a tight budget I've seen such cameras at the dive shops and I've read some mags that encased the normal cameras which type do u use to take those photos in your website??

A:     The photograph in this website are taken with a Epoque ET100plus underwater camera, with internal flash.
Being a new open water diver, it is recommended that you master your diving skill first before attempt to take camera with you. But, it is never too early to start photographing marine line. But keep in mind that even the simplest point and shoot camera or compact camera would felt very bulky and hard to manage at first.
But don't worry, you will get the hang of it eventually.
But do consider getting your skill brush up before you get one. At least, you should feel comfortable being underwater first. The main skill you should learn for underwater photography is buoyancy, this is because you need to be perfectly still when taking picture.
As for the equipment you should use, a housed slr camera is the best, but it is very bulky and not recommended for beginner, and it could blow your budget as well, it cost a minimum of RM7000 for a reasonable one. There are a few brand which you can go for, I would suggest you look into getting an MX-10 from Sea&Sea or Auto35 from Ikelite. You check out these gadget in www.seaandsea.com and www.ikelite.com. Both of these camera are available in Rainbow Runner, a dive shop in Berjaya Plaza. The mx-10 have a wide range of add on lenses which ranges from macro to wide angle, mean while the auto35 only have the macro add on lens, both have external strobe. In terms of price I should say mx-10 is more expensive. You can check out the price at Rainbow Runner, they have some picture sample also, probably you can drop by there.