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       Lai Kam Seng, the author of this web page, is a certified advanced open water diver. He has been diving with his wife cum buddy, Kan Hong Hong since November 2000.
       Despite their tight schedules at work, Lai and Hong Hong kept themselves busy diving around Malaysia's beautiful dive sites since then. Among the best dives they have dived so far is the ever challenging yet gentle, Pulau Tenggol.  
      One of the things that the author is learning in every dive is the photography techniques using his "entry level Epogue camera ET100plus". Well, one of the good things which happened is the author has used the techniques acquired from past diving experiences plus trial and error sessions of photographing in swimming pools to make photos taken in Pulau Tenggol good enough for an amateur in underwater photography.
      There has been improvements, if you noticed, in the earlier attempts till the recent ones. For now, the author hopes to put in some better compositions that will help in improving the quality of the photographs.

If you wish to forward any comments or suggestions, Lai can
be contacted with the following e-mail address  :